Friday, October 4, 2019

More Sermons Up

I had some software issues that kept me from getting some sermons up.    You can listen to the sermon from 9/22 HERE.   While you are there, check out the sermon from 9/15 as well.   9/29's sermon did not get recorded, which is too bad.   That was the feast of St Michael and All Angels.   More of a topical sermon, on Angels, of course.   But was well received.   Lots of points made, but I'll reiterate one here.    If you know someone who has lost someone, particularly a child, do NOT say, "Heaven needed another angel"!    First, Heaven doesn't NEED anything.   Second, people do not become angels upon death.   That is NOWHERE in the Bible. SO DON'T SAY THAT.   Contact me if you have questions. 

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