Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Third Sunday of Easter

It's all about the Word and Sacrament.

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Prelude: "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty"  Micheelsen
Hymn: ELW 392 "Alleluia!Sing to Jesus!" Verses 1, 3

1      Alleluia! Sing to Jesus;
        his the scepter, his the throne;
        Alleluia! his the triumph,
        his the victory alone.
        Hark! The songs of peaceful Zion
        thunder like a mighty flood:
        "Jesus out of ev'ry nation
        has redeemed us by his blood."

3      Alleluia! Bread of heaven,
        here on earth our food, our stay;
        Alleluia! here the sinful
        flee to you from day to day.
        Intercessor, friend of sinners,
        earth's redeemer, hear our plea
        where the songs of all the sinless

        sweep across the crystal sea.

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