Saturday, April 18, 2015

But... but... but... Batman is COOLER

It usually takes a Facebook post from someone else to get me to wander over to the Sojourners website.   Usually when I do follow a link to the Christian Left website, I tend to get a little irked.  But when a friend lifted up an article about Superman vs Batman being every Christian's battle how could I NOT click on that?

The article's author Rick Barry uses the upcoming (still a year away) release of a surefire blockbuster Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice to take a look at the motivations behind each of the classic crime fighters.

The article is great, I'd encourage you to follow the link to read it for yourself, but this passage provides a good summary.

"...Superman can't help but position himself alongside society’s powerless. Crime will always find him because he loves its victims... Batman, on the other hand, does not act in response to people he loves. He acts in response to people he hates."

Is this true?   Is this what Christians struggle with?   Let's take a look at a current example and take a test--the terrorists ISIS and their Christian (as well as other) victims. Think about that and answer this question.  

After thinking about the situation over in the Middle East and the desperate need for justice, what is the feeling of your heart?
A.  More hatred for ISIS than love for its victims
B.  More love for its victims than hate for ISIS

Maybe you answered B.   But I have to be honest, I feel a lot more A.

Barry brings up the 2 Timothy passage about fighting the good fight and asks Sojourners readers if they are only fighting the fight to give themselves some sort of value.  (probably a valid critique as most Social Justice Warrior Christians are Myers Briggs NFs--identity seeking).   Yet, I wonder if the motivations for any of us are not love based in faith, can it be "the good fight" at all?

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